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Case Name
Show Cause - In re Downtown Reporting LLC.wmv
18-376 D and E Real Estate vs Jose Vitto.wmv
18-2433 Brandon Thourtman vs Daniel Junior.wmv
18-1993 Michael Kennedy and Debra Kennedy vs First Protective Insurance Company Frontline.wmv
18-1842 Safepoint Insurance Company vs Daisy Sousa.wmv
18-1815 Mark Wallace vs Comprehensive Personal Care Services.wmv
18-1812 US Bank vs Jorge Llovet.wmv
18-1787 Miami Marlins and Marlins Teamco LLC vs Miami Dade County and the City of Miami.wmv
18-1697 and 18-0312 M.H. A Juvenile vs The State of Florida.wmv
18-1536 18-0738 Cleveland Graham Jr vs Delores Graham.wmv
18-1498 Shimon Wolkowicky vs Florida Community Bank v Water Place.wmv
18-1441 William Petty vs The Arbitrage Fund.wmv
18-1437 and 18-1436 City of Miami General Employees vs Jose Rodriguez and Lieutenant Jorge Castro.wmv
18-1369 Lincoln Mews Condominium Association Inc vs Stephanie Harris.wmv
18-1360 J.B A Juvenile vs The State of Florida.wmv
18-1342 Goventry Health Care of Florida vs Crosswinds Rehab.wmv
18-1298 - Shomeka Farnell vs Tiarra Barbarito.wmv
18-1277 Benefit Administrative Systems vs West Kendall Baptist Hospital.wmv
18-1267 Association of Poinciana Villages vs Gursky Ragan.wmv
18-1238 John Moriarty and Associates of Florida vs Thyssenkrupp Elevator corp.wmv